AEW All In 65,000 Tickets Sold

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Jack Campbell

AEW All In 2023 sells over 65,000 tickets

AEW ALL In 65,000 Tickets sold.

All Elite Wrestling and Tony Khan took what many in the business consider a huge risk, booking a stadium show at Wembley Stadium. There are those who believed this was a huge mistake on Khans’ part, however, there are many others who believed this would be a huge success for All Elite Wrestling.

According to Dave Meltzer AEW has sold over 65,000 tickets for the All In event scheduled to take place at Wembley Stadium on August 27th, 2023. The rumored number by Meltzer is 65,854 tickets have been sold following a massive three-day pre-sale event, and one day of public ticket sales which sold the first 60,000 tickets.

Ticket sales have continued to gradually increase since going on sale and Meltzer believes that will be the case until the matches and featured stars appearing at the event become known.

To sell over 60,000 tickets prior to a single match or star being announced for a show is a huge success for All Elite Wrestling.

The rumored current set-up for the event is slated to allow over 74,000 fans. The size of the set and sections needing to be blocked off have yet to be determined. AEW could release more tickets afterward.

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