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Jack Campbell

CM Punk Meeting with Tony Khan

Breaking the silence amid the reports of CM Punk Falling Out With AEW again, has commented via Instagram post.

It was reported earlier today that CM Punk has been removed from Collision promotional material due to the fact that he and All Elite Wrestling are at ‘odds' once again. The rumored reason the company and Punk are at odds again is over whether or not Ace Steel would be allowed to come back.

Initially, Punk took his comments and directed them towards Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer, who earlier today himself stated that Punk and AEW possibly had issues. Punk also had the following reminder for everyone:

Friendly reminder: I haven't been on TV in nine months and y'all just can't stop talking about me.

Maybe stop, you'll feel better. Love, hate, it's all the same.

I don't enjoy people the sole person that props up the entire misinformed clickbait industry based on toxic gossip from lying sources, but what can you do?

In an update CM Punk also released a brief video message on his Instagram which he had the following to say:

One more before I go really quick.

The parasocial relationship a lot of fringe wrestling fans have with certain people is really unhealthy.

I get the tribalism, like it's fun to root for your team, but picking sides seems a little silly.

You don't know me. You don't know anybody else. So, you know, just go touch grass

So touch grass, folks.

More on this story as it continues.

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