Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks Have Not Re-signed With AEW Yet

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Jack Campbell

& have not Re-signed with AEW the company they helped form.

Cody Rhodes was one of the founding ‘fathers' of All Elite Wrestling who shocked the landscape of Professional Wrestling when he left a company he help build to return to WWE. All Elite Wrestling could very well see themselves in that same situation all over again if they are unable to come to terms on new deals with the company's remaining EVPs.

It was reported that Kenny Omega's deal with All Elite Wrestling was due to expire in February of 2023, however, injury time had been added to his contract and the time he missed between November 2021, and August 2022 has been added to his contract which extends his contract to either November or December of this year (2023).

The Young Bucks (Nick & )'s deals are set to expire at the end of the summer of 2023.

It has been reported that back as early as March All Elite Wrestling and were working towards long-term deals, the Elite is being represented by Barry Bloom. In a recent update, Dave Meltzer reports that there has not been an update to the contract situation in relation to the remaining three of the original four EVPs of the company.

It is unknown at the time of this writing why new deals have yet to of been agreed upon.

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