Stone Cold Steve Austin Defends Wrestlemania 39 Finish

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Jack Campbell

Stone Cold Steve Austin Defends Wrestlemania 39 Finish

is defending the WrestleMania 39 Finishwhich saw retain his championship over .

Cody Rhodes was unsuccessful in ‘finishing his story' at WrestleMania 39, much to the dislike of the WWE Universe. In the post-match press conference, Triple H stated that Cody's story is the story that never finishes.

Many fans believe that WWE missed the opportunity to capitalize on what they consider a ‘big moment' by not putting the WWE Undisputed WWE Championship on Rhodes that night, while several other former stars have gone on to defend WWE's decision in not doing so. The latest is the Texas Rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Speaking with Busted Open Radio, Austin had the following to say:

Cody beating Roman would not have gotten Cody over anymore. As a matter of fact, it might have worked against him. The way they had it set up, he showed the belt, his wife and beautiful baby are there he's holding the baby and it's a storybook ending and the story is told. Those guys came out there with the outside interference. Like I've said before, I love that spike from Solo Sikoa. Sami, Kevin, Jimmy, Jey, it was chaos, it was exciting. They built it up and had a hell of a match. Roman is on fire right now and one of these days it will be time to take the belt from him and put it on somebody else, but you don't make Cody by taking the belt off the right guy at the wrong time

Busted Open , h/t Fightful for transcribing the interview.

Austin also went on to say the following:

I completely thought they made the right decision. I really respect the hell out of Cody for what he did walking away from WWE, found himself, went down to AEW and then came back. He gets injured, blows out a pec, competes in the Rumble, gets in the main event with Roman. It was so storybook and would have been so cliche to put the belt on him more so. Has he earned the opportunity to be there? Yeah. Would he have been the right guy, right now, trying to take out Roman Reigns? I just think not. Roman is so fire and so money. Cody is going to be there. To me, it made me respect Cody more when you're laying there and looking at the lights. That story is going to be completed one of these days, but it ain't going to be right here. It was for the right reasons and the reason was business. He'll get it, and when he does, it'll be a celebration like no other. I'm one of his biggest fans. I see nothing but good things for Cody.

WWE has since created a new World Heavyweight Championship, which Cody Rhodes was featured in a tournament for. put a halt in Cody Rhode's pursuit of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, and the two will face one another again at WWE Night Of Champions.

Roman Reign's is set to team with his cousin Solo Sikoa to battle for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions as they take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

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