WWE Reportedly Introduces New Social Media Rule

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Jack Campbell

WWE News

WWE has apparently cracked down on the type of content their talent can share to their social media accounts.

This past Tuesday on weekly NXT tv, we saw the continuation of the feud between former Toxic Attraction members GiGi Dolin and Jacy Jane, which resulted in Jane being busted open during a mere three-or-so-minute match. Jane then took to her Twitter account and posted a photo of herself covered in blood, which allegedly led to a new social media rule.

Triple H (Paul Levesque) has been quoted in the past saying he does not believe WWE television needs blood, and now reportedly via Bryan Alvarez and Wrestling Observer Live, such material is frowned upon within the company. Alvarez went on to say that a new rule has been put into place which prohibits talent from posting content to their social media that contains injuries, or blood.

There were two segments on this show where somebody ended up covered in blood and apparently there is a new rule that WWE talent are not allowed to take pictures of their injuries and there is an absolute you are not allowed to take pictures of any blood whatsoever.

Blading has been something WWE has banned from their programming since around 2008, however, there are times when talent suffers un-planned crimson masks during the course of their matches much like Finn Balor at this past WrestleMania. It’s worth noting that if images as such do make it to WWE social media accounts, they are black and white.

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