WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Details

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Jack Campbell

WWE World Heavyweight Champion

recently announced that a new championship would be coming to WWE, the , slated to be WWE Monday Night Raw exclusive the championship will be defended only on Raw and assumably Raw-related Premium Live Events, should WWE go back to the brand specific PLE format.

During the WWE Backlash 2023 press conference, Triple H announced how WWE will crown the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H informed us that this week's Monday Night Raw episode will begin a tournament to crown the champion. The show will have two Triple Threat matches with the winners of the respective matches taking each other on at the end of the night to determine who will compete at WWE Night Of Champions for their chance at becoming the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H also informed us that the same format will be followed on next week's Smackdown. The winner of the Smackdown tournament matches will square off with the winner of the Raw series of matches at Night Of Champions in Saudi Arabia to determine the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion.

While it has not been announced by WWE, one would assume that since the World Heavyweight Championship is Raw exclusive, should the Smackdown participant win the match at Night of Champions, he would then become a Raw superstar.

Seth ‘Freakin' Rollins has been slated to be the favorite amongst WWE fans on Social Media to win the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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